A-47 Supply Ship 'Bronco"

A Leviathan Class Hauler, one of 10 fleet supply ships


Leviathan Series Haulers are tech 7 Ships.

They are huge ships, based upon a elongated hull, and have up to 24 cargo pods, each capable of holding up to 3,000 metric tons.

Class: Freighter

Frame: 3

Armor: 0

Sheilds: 0

VShift: 1

FTL Spin : 5

Beam: 1

Torpedo: 0


The Bronco contains the majority of the fleets short term supply usage. Like all ships in the fleet, it moves and turns in subspace, like a “tug” or a “boat.” It got it’s nickname of ‘Bronco’ because the ship buckles and groans whenever the ship is steered in a direction. The Small crew of this ship, 40, is enough to monitor cargo and maintain the ship. a large cargo shuttle and smaller drop pods are available for EVA work. An officer of the Quartermaster corp is on each ship, commanding the vehicle. The Bronco is commanded by James Abrams, a career fleet officer, and first lieutenant in the quartermaster corp.

A-47 Supply Ship 'Bronco"

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