Ale'kxan Ekelo

Space barbarian among the UFP Ranks


Ale'kxanekelo, Mech Jockey

Homeworld –  Riktor VIII, or Txuchan'ka

Gravity (19) High 1 Str, Sta, Agi

Atmo (8) Standard

Climate (96) – planetary type 9 with excellent shallow water conditions promoting lush growth in non-burning season. +2 Sta, +2 survival in all environments.


Level 5 EVA (Papa), Stamina (Rank 2, +3 from planet)

Level 4 Micro-G, Slug throwers, Agility (rank 3, +1 from planet)

Level 3 Alertness, Brawling, Agility (bumped to 4), Strength/Might (Rank 2, +1 from planet)

Level 2 Strength (bumped to 3), Stamina (bumped to 5), Tactics, Close Combat

Level 1 Medical, Resolve, MicroG, Survival (2 in all planetary environments), Demolitions

Enlistment – UFP Commando Armsman 3 / UFP Black Ops Mercenary Armsman 4


Health 6  ]]]]]]

Composure 4  ][[[

Sanity/NNRTV 4  [[[[

1. Military Grade – Slug Throwers

2. Military Grade – Power Armor 

3. Rank – Specialist First Class (replacement)

Bumps 3 – Assault-Class Customized Power Assisted Personal Armor
Aspects and ideas
Child Solider
Invoke – In situation involving a battlefield, Ale'kxan has been fighting literally all of his life.
Compel - 
"It is our nature to survive"
Compel - 
Invoke –  
"Go Frak Yourself, SIR!"
Invoke – Give bonuses to social combat
Compel – to provide over-reaction to social combat, faux pas. A reason to throw in the brig.
First In, Last Out
Invoke – Initiative bonus
Compel –  To keep in perilous situations
Invoke – familiarity and knowledge of PAPA suits and tactics
Compel – second skin of PAPA suit has become accustomed, feel naked without it. Also, compel for competition to be the best PAPA pilot.
"I am Two of Seven"
Invoke – Black ops background, knowledge of unconventional tactics, favors among the UFP for dirty deeds
Compel –  hatred among aliens and other human groups who think of him as a terrorist.
Maximum Firepower
Invoke – excessive use of force :)
Compel – excessive use of force :(
The Changing Face of War
Invoke -
Compel –  
"We'll Fight 'Em Til We Can't," motto of PAPA company C
Invoke - 
Compel - 
"Immune is Immune!"
Compel -
Invoke – bonus to NNRTV tests


Homeworld – Riktor VIII, or Txuchan'ka, a high grav, normal pressure, Type 9 planet.

A formerly lush world, reduced to ruin by war, it can now barely support life.  A high gravity world, when it was settled, it was lush with shallow seas, and many resources. But it was also a planet of extreme climates, virtulent diseases, and vicious, predatory fauna. The humans who settled there forsook their own technology to live in harmony with the planet, but differences escalated and the colonists seperated into tribes. For a long time, there was peace, but within a few generations, conflict sparked among the different tribes, who sought the weapons and technology the original colonists had discarded to more effectively kill one another. Society was largely split between men, who grew to become warriors for their tribe or supported war (weaponsmiths and the like), and women, who performed most of the agriculture and domestic duties. Txuchan women became a commodity to be warred over, just like any other resource, and were prized for their fertility.
Nuclear war devastated the planet and signaled alien races, who gave the tribes a common enemy shortly before bombing each other back into a dark age. I need help with an alien group here. Eventually, the UFP became involved and protected the backwards, barbaric people of Riktor XIII, and pushed away the alien group.

From that conflict, the people of Riktor VIII were able to adapt enough of the technology to form ships to leave – and some did, realizing that there was a greater challenge out among the stars. Others returned to their warring ways, once again benefiting from advanced technology. A number of them joined the UFP, where their zeal and combat talent became a strong asset that was balanced by their disregard for command. They make excellent space marines and pilots.

Riktor VIII was one of the first human worlds affected by the NNRTV virus, which quickly swept through the population, indiscriminately killing warriors and family alike. Fertile Txuchan women became very rare, and were prized along with the most advanced military hardware to be protected from the aliens who returned when the NNRTV weakened the UFP. A number of them escaped to find their star-travelling brothers and sisters, realizing that they were now an endangered race – a tiny subset within humanity that would be lost if they did not stick together.

Inspiration – Clans of Mechwarrior + Krogan of Mass Effect + 

Story Phases

Growing Up
Aspects – Child Soldier, "It is our nature to survive"
Ale'kxanekelo was born as the first nuclear missiles flew over Txuchan'ka, in a bunker. He grew up in the warrior culture of the Uk'nal tribe, who were renowned for their powerful armor. After spending his first few years working with the women and soft men of the tribe, he became a child solider to be used for reconnaissance. He emerged into the irradiated wasteland as a scout, where he was quickly field-promoted due to his innate understanding of the environment and tactical movements. He served during the long war with the Mertun before the UFP arrived to drive the aliens off. The UFP offered protection from aliens whose technology could even overcome the Txuchan military zeal, at the cost of disarming the warrior-people to prevent further strife. It was a hard choice, one which the different tribes met together and discussed – the first time there was a meeting of the tribes without bloodshed in the memories of the eldest Txuchan.
It was decided that by joining the UFP, the Txuchan could both learn more advanced forms of warfare, and test them against enemies greater than the Txuchan could possibly imagine.

Starting Out
Aspects – "Go Frak Yourself, SIR!" and First In, Last Out
Ale'kxan was one of the first Txuchan who volunteered to join the UFP ships, and was assigned to the Manticore. He did well in studies and the physical aspects of marine life, despite Terran troops treating he and his fellow Txuchan as impossible to teach. Ale'kxan got into arguments with his superiors frequently, often for citing their shortcomings, mistakes, or holes within teachings. And this frequently got him shoved into the brig. The occasional combat got him freed from the brig to serve on back-up gunnery and repair crews. Still, he didn't give up, and eventually the captain wrote him a commendation to a Terran marine academy on the nearest core world just to get rid of him.
Once there, he was exposed to weapons and tactics that were not available on the Manticore, and he was exposed to the power of the PAPA suit to change the battlefield. His troubles with authority continued, as did his familiarity with the brig, but now he had a definite, if impossible goal – to be the first non-Terran PAPA pilot. He fought against the system to remain in the academy despite scores that would have made him graduate at the top of his class because he had not been allowed to use a PAPA. He could only fight the system for so long before he was graduated, and assigned to The Rory, a small UPF navy defense ship where he was one of only a handful of marines. 


Moment of Crisis
Aspects – Big PAPA, "I am Two of Seven"
Aboard the Rory, Ale'kxan was positioned as second in command of the marine squadron due to his previous experience and academy training. They were stationed with sub-par equipment and under-manned for the groups of mining and refining ships they were to protect. It didn't come as a surprise to Ale'kxan when they were attacked. Sometimes it was by pirates, sometimes it was by aliens. Still, they were able to succeed. They pillaged from the attackers that they were able to disable before fleeing, and through that they were able to acquire better equipment – what they didn't keep, they were able to hide and eventually sell on the black market.

Everything went well for the first couple of tours, and the money kept rolling on in. Things were going in, fact, too well, and the marines got lax – which was apparent when a ship they were salvaging exploded. Most of the squad was killed instantly, with only Ale'kxan and a a new Terran recruit, Tomas Reinart survived. Ale'kxan tried to cover it up as an accident, but Reinart went through other channels to report the illegal salvaging. Ale'kxan was court-martialed, and drummed out of the UFP military, and was scheduled for execution.

Ale'kxan sat patiently, and waited, planning while the days ticked away til his execution. On the eve of it, he used his tactial genius to stage an escape, and was able to quickly hire a pilot to make an FTL jump far away from the eye of the UFP. But it wasn't far enough, and he was quickly caught. This time, however, instead of wanting to kill him, the UFP officers recruited him into a black ops program. His identity was destroyed, and he became part of a team that didn't have a name, only a number – Seven. And finally, in this team with a fat budged and cutting edge wetware, he was able to become the PAPA specialist he always dreamed of.

Missions got more diverse, and odd, though not necessarily dangerous, until the unit was to test security on the air filtration system of a huge dome city on Erinle, a water planet with a completely toxic natural atmosphere and poisonous water. The mission was supposed to be a just a test, but when Erinle's security forces killed one of the team, it became much more. Ale'kxan was stuck in the middle, with his team wanting to gas the dome as vengence for the death, and the security forces wanting to kill him for being part of the team of terrorists. With the help of <Schoner>, Ale'kxan was able to save the facility and convince his team vengence wasn't the answer, but became a wanted man when the UFP handlers disavowed all knowledge of the operation. Security footage of Ale'kxan was spread throughout the UFP, and as such most of his missions were situated on the edge of alien space to avoid domestic entanglements.

Sidetracked – Co-star!
Aspects – Maximum Firepower and The Changing Face of War
One such mission was a sabotage mission on a GSSR ammunition depot, where Seven was assigned to work with a con-woman and dealer of some renown, Natalie Haddad. Seven provided the muscle and skill to provide the weapon theft that Haddad required, and even left an additional gift for the GSSR after they'd left. A gift that set back GSSR re-armament, and frustrated GSSR intel when the station exploded shortly after the raid. Seven parted ways with Haddad shortly after the raid.

It wasn't much longer before they were assigned to provide pick up for a UFP spy, and Seven was in nearby space. Shortly before the hand-off, the GSSR connected Haddad with the destruction of the arms station, and revoked their offer to trade her over. Seven's orders were to pick her up, and they didn't take the GSSR's decline as an answer, and they bloodied the GSSR's nose in a forced extraction, and delivered her to the UFP.

On your own
Aspects – "We'll fight 'em til we can't" and "Immune is Immune!"
Shortly after <events in side-tracked>, Ale'kxan took a job that was too good to be true – it was, of course, a trap on the edge of Hsst space. His ship was caught, and his partners turned him over to the UFP for a nice, fat bounty, and they even sold over his advanced PAPA suit, which the military planned on using as a trophy to show that there was no escape for a dangerous terrorist like Ale'kxan.
He was transferred to the Primerus's brig – the most advanced cell with round the clock watch, and left to rot until he could be formally charged back on <planet>. It was here, behind bars and helpless that he learned of the NNRTV's effects on his home planet.
Faced with the fact that he was one of, if not the last Txuchan, he stopped his plans to attempt escape. The Txuchan warrior sat back in his cell and waited for what the fleet wanted to do with him. He knew that with no reserves, they probably wouldn't execute him, and he also knew that the fleet's engineers had better things to do than try to crack his PAPA suit's security. Still, it was a question of how long he'd wait.

It wasn't quite as long as he expected before he was placed on a short leash – allowed to leave his cell for missions and duty before being placed back. After a few successful missions and showing restraint, he was allowed to fill in where another PAPA operator had died in a training "accident."
As those off-world heard of the destruction of their planet to NNRTV, they were elated that some ships managed to get off-world. Unfortunately, most  if not all of those ships were destroyed by Aliens, the Azurachi, or the UFP. If any survived, they are not telling it, for it is a death sentence to be from Riktor. Those few who were not on planet at the time the reaper virus spread are all that is left of a once proud people and their culture. A people without a home, without their brothers and sisters. They are alone, the last of a dying race. 

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Ale'kxan Ekelo

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