Bioship "royal Scarab"

A Large Ecosystem dome with drives


Frame: 3

Armor: 0

Sheild: 0

Spin: 4

Vshift: 1

EW: 0

Torp: 0

Beam: 1


The Bioships Royal Scarab and her sister Arboria are both made from modified Alcyon frames. They contain diverse biolagical enviroments that grow food hydroponically for the fleet, thus limiting the amount of food required to be stored in cargo. These ships have self-sufficient biodiversity modules, which will be released after terraforming. These ships are extremely fragile. A crew of 300 science and engineering officers are on each of these vessels. They are commanded by Senior Captains in the Science Corp, Nathan Mendoza and Phillip Guzman.

Bioship "royal Scarab"

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