Cryogenic Storage Ships

These ships contain 24 pods of 3000 people each


Frame: 3

Armor: 0

Sheild: 0

Spin: 5

Vshift: 1

EW: 0

Torp: 0

Beam: 1


Based upon a Leviathan Hull, these 40 ships contain 24 pods of 3,000 people each. 2,880,000 people are stored on these ships, each with sealed, self-sustaining modules. In addition to the normal completment of 40 crew, a mendical monitoring crew maintains the precious colonists and the mechanisms that keep them alive. These are extremely fragile ships. Colony Command is on the Hegemon, one of the cryo-ships. Each has a crew of 40 Fleet and 72 Medical Officers

Cryogenic Storage Ships

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