Ecktelion Cruiser

A Heavy Cruiser of the Mars series, this aged ship has been retrofitted for communications and scanning


Frame: 4

Armor: 2

Sheild: 2

Spin: 4

Vshift: 2

EW: 6

Torp: 4

Beam: 5


The Mars series Cruisers were the first cruisers of the UFP. Sturdy, slow, and powerful, these cruisers have been replaced by the faster and more powerful heavy cruisers, battlecruisers and battlestars. The Ecktelion was retrofitted as a communications and scanning platform, and has the most powerful scanners in the fleet, with the exception of the Manta or Exodus. It is the ship used and commanded by the Psych corp, with a crew of 3000. Commander Melissa “Aces” Avery is head of the this command.

Ecktelion Cruiser

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