Fleet Destroyers

Slick, fast, powerful ships that screen the Exodus Fleet


Frame: 3

Armor: 1

Sheild: 1

Spin: 4

Vshift: 3

EW: 2

Torp: 4

Beam: 3


Three Destroyers, the Styx class “Charon”, the Achilles class “Bors” (Destroyer Leader converted missle tender) and the Aeneas class “Remus” (Destroyer Leader) are in the fleet. These are the workhorses of teh UFP Fleet. Fully capable of scouting and patrol missions. The Charon has a crew of 400, whith the Bors and Remus each have 450 crew.

The Bors has a Torp of 5 and a Beam of 2, while the Charon has a 0 rating for sheilds and a 3/3 rating for Beam/Torp.

Fleet Destroyers

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