Kir Leonov

Haunted Soviet Doctor turned Insurgent Hero


Kir Leonov, Combat Medic

Homeworld – New Ukraine

Gravity – 4, low (+1 agi)

Atmo – 14,  standard pressure with contaminants, with people from it having a high tolerance for contaminants but not requiring breathing apperatus.

Climate – 99, very cold, rarely above freezing. (+2 sta, +2 survival in cold)


Level 5 Medicine, Stamina (Rank 3, +2 from planet), Resolve (bumped from 4)

Level 4 Slug-Throwers, Resolve (+1 from bump)

Level 3 Alertness, Survival(+2 in all planetary environments), Stamina (bumped to 5)

Level 2 Science: Biology, Gunnery (space), Brawling, Communications (space)

Level 1 Naviagtion (space), Vehicles, Oratory, Bureaucracy, Brokerage, Agility (Free)


Enlistment – 7 tours – GSSR Sout 1/ GSSR Medic 2/ GSSR Doctor 2 / Merchant Fleet Ensign 2



Health 6

Composure 6

Sanity/NNRTV 6


Military Grade Slug Throwers

Military Grade Medicine

Have a Thing – Advanced, off-market Trauma Supplies

Addiction – Cigarettes, mild



1- New Ukraine Homeworld

1- +1 skill bump to resolve 



Born to Ivanka and Sergei Leonov, the Brothers Leonov were raised in the burgeoning colony of New Ukraine. Sergei was a tank commander in a number of wars with the UFP, and two time winner of the Order of Lenin. A hard line Party member, their father mixed a disgust for the UFP’s ideology with a respect for their tactical prowess. A cannon breech accident took Sergei’s leg and forced him into early retirement, leading him to become a holy terror of an inspector at a tank assembly plant. Two war-buddies became highly placed Politboro members, providing the family with surprising amount of influence with the central government. Ivanka was a ballet dancer and English teacher. Despite their very patriotic and military upbringing, their mother snuck the boys officially banned reading material, giving them a taste for life outside the FSSR. She died when the boys were in their early teens after a drunk surgeon botched her appendectomy. Watered-down antibiotics sealed her fate when the infection spread, though Kir stayed with her every moment until her death. Following his mother's death, Kir went into a deep depression, and spent most of his youth quiet, tending to his studies and staying in his older brother's shadow. He cared greatly for the outdoors, even on such a harsh planet as New Ukraine, and spent a great deal of time wandering out on the edge of the settlement, observing life past the safe zones.

"I won't let you die" "I wonder what's around that corner"

He followed his brother's footsteps into military training, and became a scout, finding his love of nature served him well. His father had him put into command, which he immediately disliked – he cared for the men under his command too much, and found giving them orders which might prove dangerous difficult. After a training mission went south, he was treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and given another post, a quieter one on a safe GSSR world, where he used his influence to order books of all kinds, but primarily those on biology and medicine. He came to terms with the fact that his mother's death haunted him still, and the only way he could face it would be to learn to be a better doctor and never let anyone so careless die under his watch.
Kir used his father's influence to join a prestigious GSSR medical academy, but after he graduated with honors the cost was that he was recalled to active duty, where he served as head of a field hospital during bloody battles with the UFP. Witnessing the devastation laid to his comrades, he swore he would never kill another human, and when not performing his duty as a doctor, he spent time with weapons experts learning the best ways to defend himself and use the common weapons non-lethally, and proper uses of suppressive fire tactics.
Top 3% of his class, "First, do no harm"
After a particularly long battle on the capital city of <planet>, Kir was allowed a long stretch of leave. During this time, he met a woman whose husband had died in the fighting leading up to the GSSR occupation, and quickly fell in love with her. Everything seemed to be going well – he was in love with his new wife, he was promoted to head surgeon of the occupied capital's main hospital, and the UFP insurgency there was quieting down.
The comrade-general of the occupying GSSR forces had been ambushed by insurgents, Kir on his way to the hospital and his wife called. She told him that she was pregnant, and a member of the insurgency. He had two options – to let the comrade general die on the operating table, or he would never see his child.
In the OR, Kir was frozen with indecision. Reports came in that the local munitions depot had been bombed, along with the barracks. The power went out, and runners came to deliver news that the relay stations had been sabotaged. The general's second was making a mess of things and desperately needed the old man's guidance to keep the city. Kir began to operate, but something went wrong. He still wonders if it was an accident, or if some part of him chose to make the mistake, but the comrade general died on the table.
Kir was told that he had done the best he could, and was escorted home. His wife comforted him, though he was largely in a daze. She dragged him to a resistance headquarters, where she announced that he had killed the comrade general, and he was a spy, and the liberator of <planet name>. He tried not to vomit as his world was turned upside down. Within a week, the insurgency's plans had crippled GSSR operations, and the soviets were forced to flee.
The resistance made a statue of Kir in the square of the city's largest park, and he was taken to Terra for a debrief, where he told his story as best he could, and was granted full citizenship. His wife told him that she was a spy, and had always been a spy. There was no pregnancy, and he was simply an asset. She left the next morning. Kir was again devastated, and he took his time spending the large payment the UFP granted him as hero of the insurgency, losing himself in his new motherland. he even heard that his home planet, New Ukraine, had been lost to the Bugs, but he drowned his sorrows for his comrades back on what was left of his home along with those of his of his other woes.
After a time, he grew tired of his meaningless life, and under a different name he joined a merchant fleet ship as a someone ready to start their life over again as a communications ensign. He kept quiet about his past, and did what he could to stay out of sickbay, not wanting to show up the merchant fleet's doctors. Still, he couldn't help but provide treatment to his crewmates discretely, and in return they would provide him with favors, which he often used to get supplies from them when they stopped at various places thoughout the galaxy.
Gold Star of the Highest Order (medal from the UFP), "I just want to be left alone"
Guest star – Unknown
On your own
Kir's ship had just returned to Terra when news struck of the NNRTV virus hit. He was shocked at the incoming reports, and gathered up his things from his small apartment on Terra. He took the money that remained from his accounts, and gathered as many supplies as he could, from med kits and drugs to explosive ammunition, and ran for the docks. He knew that even if his own ship was compromised, his supplies and skill as a comms officer (and, if he absolutely had to, a surgeon and hero of the UFP) would help him get off the planet before it was too late. He felt the Gold Star in his pocket, rubbing against his skin, and weighing him down – and as he ran, he wondered how many GSSR he would have to face out in the cold depths of space among the few surviving humans.
Aspects – Always prepared, Have to keep moving

Kir Leonov

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