L-5 Lowell

A L-5 Colony with hastily created engine modules strapped to it.


Frame: 6

Armor: 2

Sheild: 2

Spin: 5

Vshift: 0 (1)

EW: 1

Torp: 4

Beam: 4


Three of the L-5 Colony ships were equiped with large propulsion units and modified for this journey. These platforms were never intended as starships, and are large, unweildy, untried vessels. While they can house considerable equipment and facilities, and have substantial defensive systems, they are essentially barges that must be towed or directed by the fleet. Without solar power, they operate on minimal power and are intended as the temporary orbital bases for releasing the cryo corp to replace current fleet members, should the journey take more than the lifespan of the current fleet crew.

L-5 Lowell

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