Pavel Leonov

Gruff New Ukrainian astrogator and pilot


+5 Navigation (space)

+4 Pilot (space), Alertness

+3 Gunnery (space), Aircraft, Resolve, Agility, Stamina

+2 Repair, Science (adv math), MicroG

+1 EVA, Linguist (GSSR), Bureaucracy, Shooting (slugthrower)

Modifiers +1 stamina vs poisons/drugs

+1 survival in contaminated environments

+2 survival in cold environments

Health 5 boxes

Composure 5 boxes

Sanity 4 boxes

Phase 1: Childhood

Born to Ivanka and Sergei Leonov, the Brothers Leonov were raised in the burgeoning colony of New Ukraine. Sergei was a tank commander in a number of wars with the UFP, and two time winner of the Order of Lenin. A hard line Party member, their father mixed a disgust for the UFP’s ideology with a respect for their tactical prowess. A cannon breech accident took Sergei’s leg and forced him into early retirement, leading him to become a holy terror of an inspector at a tank assembly plant. Two war buddies became highly placed Politboro members, providing the family with surprising amount of influence with the central government. p. Ivanka was a ballet dancer and English teacher. Despite their very patriotic and military upbringing, their mother snuck the boys officially banned reading material, giving them a taste for life outside the FSSR. She died when the boys were in their early teens after a drunk surgeon botched her appendectomy. Watered-down antibiotics sealed her fate when the infection spread. In the wake of his mother’s death, Pavel threw himself into Communist Youth activities, leading marches and field exercises, and building a reputation for revolutionary fervor.

Soft imperialist pigs Distrusts doctors

Phase 2: Starting out

A cadet at age 14, Pavel was groomed for Red Army officer training. An natural athlete, he found himself drawn to sports more than classes. Skating close to the edge of academic disqualification, adminstrators time and again made an exception for this son of a Hero of the Soviet Republics. Pavel came to despise his special status and decided the best escape was to join the Soviet Fleet, an organization that his father loathed and was not very popular with. At the GSSR fleet academy, he discovered a talent for the high-order mathematics used in astrogation and a thirst for the reckless thrill of combat piloting. Repeated tower fly-bys cost him the valedictorian position, but after graduation Pavel had his pick of assignments.

“The Pattern is Full”

Polyarny Academy ring

Phase 3: Moment of crisis

Pavel’s career followed a distinct cycle: promotion to fighter pilot, reprimand to non-flight status, reassignment to astrogation, promotion to chief astrogator, repeat. He served on the Minsk, and Leningrad, mostly in a cold war setting and fighting off alien attacks. After pissing off the wrong admiral, Pavel was made military attache for the New Ukrainian mission to the UPF, sent to openly gathering military intelligence for the GSR. He hated this assignment, forced to play nice with decadent imperialists rather than riddling them with torpedos. [Worked with Peace here] p. Then suddenly New Ukraine broke away from the GSR and declared itself an independent and democratic planet, applying for membership with the UPF. The newly-elected leadership directed Pavel to co-operate and plan for training with the UPF fleet. Before Pavel could decide whether he was more disgusted with this traitorous turn of events or his once-sworn enemy, a massive wave of aliens hit his home planet and decimated humanity there. Their world in ruins, the remaining New Ukrainians fled for UPF planets. p. The brothers were now patriots without a home. Pavel, in particular, is ill-at-ease with life in the UPF, but the GSSR would offer cold welcome to a New Ukrainian in either case.

New Ukrainian freedom fighter Good: Most UPFians think of New Ukrainians as pro-democracy underdogs, forgetting that many still cling to old Communist ideals. Bad: Most GSSRians think of New Ukrainians as pro-democracy underdogs, forgetting that many still cling to old Communist ideals.

Pissing off the Brass

Phase 4: In the Service Thankfully his first working relationship in the UPF-fleet was with a by the book ship engineer from Hux. A refreshing change from the proletariat-exploiting bougeouis who infest the Fleet, this off-worlder, Vorinas, was simply bound by a nearly fascist adherence to set procedure and process. Here was some raw material to shape into a proper military officer. Throwing away Vorinas’ procedure binders, he showed the engineer the real work of fleet ship operations and improvisation during combat.

Shaping the New Soviet Man

Soviet Fleet doctrine

Phase 5: The plague

What remained of New Ukraine now became a provisional member of the UPF. Not without his misgivings, Pavel took the Fleet’s offer of flight status. He flies Fleet ships, which he finds sluggish and over-managed. And UPF intelligence continually comes around to pick his mind about Soviet fleet doctrine, which he lets go of only grudgingly. During his travels, he is looking for other New Ukrainian patriots, looking to gather them and establish a new New Ukraine. This subject is politically embarrassing for the UPF, particularly given the Soviet leanings of these nationalists. p. Many New Ukrainians seem resistant to the virus, perhaps owing to their long term exposure to strains of nanite retro transmitted tuberculosis. Whatever the reason, many navigators were struck down by the virus and Pavel’s skills are in high demand. There is a popular theory among the New Ukrainians that NNRTV was actually a biowarfare agent from the GSSR. Unfortunately, the popular theory in the UPF is that the New Ukrainians brought NNRTV with them.

“Stupid Federation Ships!” Medicinal vodka

Pavel Leonov

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