A Genius with Guns and Engineering



Aspects It’s not cheating if you don’t mean it You’re safe with Vegetables In Laymen’s Terms Show them a good time Despise Helplessness Flawed Understanding of NTRV Taste for Metal Inverted Attitude Lazy Competence Golden Parachute


Rank Rank MIlitary Spaceship weapons Software, add +2 to other’s shot Crack Shot Ship’s Weapon (+1 to a shot per round) Lucky

Skills 5 Slug Throwers 4 Space Engineering, Resolve 3 Agility, Repair, Science (biotech) 2 EVA, Computer (Space), Alertness, Culture/Tech 1 Charm, Stamina, Vehicle, Aircraft, Brawling

Things Custom Firing Software Case(s) of Mangos in Cryostasis Titanium Chain Link Bracelet

Tour benefits

8 tours, 16 years Decorated Commissioned Officer Effective at Rank 3

System benefits Eva at rank 3 Immune to Hypoxia Extra Mild Consequence Agility at effective 6

Health 4 boxes, Composure 5 Boxes, Sanity 5 boxes




Last Hope of Humanity... the UFP Exodus fleet DonR