Repair Tender Hecate

Squadron of Repair ships to keep the fleet running


Frame: 4

Armor: 1

Sheild: 2

Spin: 3

Vshift: 2

EW: 3

Torp: 0

Beam: 4

Pallas Corvettes

Frame: 3

Armor: 1

Sheild: 0

Spin: 4

Vshift: 3

EW: 1

Torp: 0

Beam: 3


The Repair Tender Hecate (Light Cruiser Hull) and three Pallas Corvette Repair ships make up the fleet. While fully capable of battle, these repair ships have had their cargo and missle bays replaced with repair components and foundries. Their crew sizes are greatly reduced, and their primary armaments have been stripped. They are the home of Tech and Engineering Command. Crew of the Hecate is 1000, and the Corvettes have 140 each. Commander Vicki Tono leads the Hecate, while Davis Starks commands the Pallas Corvettes.

Repair Tender Hecate

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