Scout Ship - Marco Polo

A small, long range scout ship with advanced drives.


Frame: 3

Armor: 0

Sheild: 1

Spin: 1

Vshift: 3

EW: 3

Torp: 2

Beam: 2


Three FTL scout ships.. the Meteor class Nero, the Nike Class Hammurabi, and the Tech 10 Manta Class Scout are with the fleet. While destroyers or corvettes can perfome some scouting missions, these small ships, crewed by 10 people or less, can traverse long distances at significantly faster speeds than the rest of the fleet. In addition, their scanning equipment is very sophisticated and requires specialists. Fleet Officers command the scouts, with Science Officer Tandray Gupta commanding the Manta, David Allen commanding the Nero, and Alicia Wells commanding the Nero. The Nike Class Have a sheild rating of 2 and an EW of 4. The Manta Class has a sheild rating of 3, an EW of 4, and a “Cloak” device which can force a hit to be re-rolled once from each attacker per turn. All officers on the Manta have the highest clearance level.

Scout Ship - Marco Polo

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