UFPS Fighter -- Termite

A fast, manuverable fighter with limited firepower


Frame: 1

Armor: 1

Sheild: 1

Spin: N/A

Vshift: 4

EW: 0/1

Torp: 1

Beam: 2


The Termite is one of the backbone fighters of the Terran Union. Named after the termite because a large number of these fighters can chew through even the toughest fleet. These workhorses carry light armor and sheild, but a single penetrating hit is likely a death sentence. They sacrfice protection for speed and attack power.

The Mark Is are Tech level 7 fighters and have no ECW Mark II – Mark IVs have ECW ratings and a combat computer that allows a single re-roll during combat.

UFPS Fighter -- Termite

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