Alien Races

Humans made contact with several races. Ranging in power and perspective, most were surprised with both the speed and development of the humans.

The two great empires that the terran sector is sandwich between are the Starkaad and the Correllian Empires.

Local Aggressive Races include the “Bugs”, the Klackons (“Clacks”), the Ranan Horde (“Squids”) and various other single system aliens.

The Rauwoof and Blarad have become allies of the UFP, after battles with the GPR and Azuruich.

The Mekpurr, ruled by their nine lords, received assistance from the UFP during the great bug wars. The Mekpurr are both aggressor and trading partners of the humans, and have had several wars with humans. One of the nine tribes, the Kzinti, is particularly warlike and during their time of prominence, advocated the complete destruction of humans.

The Klee are an extinct race that once populated this quadrant.

Alien Races

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