Character Ship Assignments

As of Adventure One, the following are the ship assignments:

1st Gunnery SGT Armand Fowler – Space Marines, Command Security for Hephesteus. Under Orders from Kyrion Cain, Reports to: General Kelly Armstrong, Marine Fleet Commander

Commander Pavel Leonov, Astrogation Badge, Helm Officer, Hephesteus, Under Orders from: Kyrion Cain, Reports to: Admiral Marlowe Stern

Captain Natalie Haddad, Contact Corp Badge, Science Corp, Stationed on the Hiskos- Under Orders from – Melissa Avery, Reports to Commander Ronnie Blue

Lieutenant Kir Leonov, Medical Corp, Stationed on the Hephesteus, Medical Bay. Under Orders from Commander Ilsa Blaine, Reports to Marine Medical Officer Helton Baer.

Peace – Unassigned, assumed Hephesteus

Gunnery Commander – Unassigned, assumed Hephesteus

Character Ship Assignments

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