Diapsora Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines

The rules system is Diapsora, a FATE based engine, which can be purchased from LULU – http://www.vsca.ca/Diaspora/ This site also contains a Character Sheet, One Page Skill List, and Essential Table PDF.

The Universe that this takes place in is the Space Opera Universe. Copies of the base rulebooks can be purchased from Drive through RPG for $7.98, and the Sector 1 Atlas is $2.98 @ http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=583&it=1&language=en.

We will be using the Diaspora Character Creation Rules, with a few minor changes. Each player will make a minimum of two characters, one who will be active, and the other who will be “frozen”

Here is how you should make your characters, (this includes house rules): Section 1 – What will my characters be doing? Before making a character, it is important to know what you will be spending most of your time doing. Making a fighter in a social game, or a talker in a dungeon crawl, can greatly limit your fun. This game is based upon the following basic play structure: 1) All PCs will be mid-level officers or non-coms that are roped into the colony fleet. Much like in Battlestar Galactica, skill levels and positions are based upon who is available (and uninfected). 2) NPCs are the commanders and some key roles. There’s plenty to do, but you’re not Adama or Admiral Akbar. Most sessions will start or continue missions that you have been given by fleet commanders. 3) You’re all humans. There are aliens, but they are staying far away from humans. Some have been friendly, some ‘slave’ races, some partners, most belligerent. But after the NNRTV, that has changed. Several colonies were wiped out by other races due to “Human Infection.” Humans are plague planets and the fear that it spreads beyond special borders is rampant. Even as the infection spreads, several races are destroying all traces of humanity in the outlying colonies. The planets that the colony fleets are going to are in unpopulated zones, and will be quarantined by sector by the agreement of several powerful alien races. 4) Computers and Robots are very very simple. One of the first aggressive races humans encountered, the mekpurrs, were so advanced that their ecm systems took over most human advanced computers. Now, only self-contained mainframes, highly simplistic mechanical robots, and extremely limited computers are on any human ship or planet. 5) Almost every session will have a combination of three or more the following: 1. Fighter/Shuttle Piloting and Astrogation 2. Close Quarters Combat 3. Medical and Scientific Rolls and Interaction 4. Psychological testing, analysis, and interaction 5. Repairs, Engineering, and diagnostics 6. Planetary Sciences and Alien or cross cultural interactions 7. Heavy Weapon or Shipboard Firing of weapons In Diaspora, this converts into – Space Combat Mini-Game, Platoon Combat Mini-Game, Psych Test Mini Game, Navigation Minigame, Science battle mini-game, and HTH combat mini-game.

It is highly recommended that a character be very good at four of these seven functions, with one or two at extremely high levels. Most scenarios or sessions are divided into story arcs that allow approximately 1-2 hours for complementary skill blocks above to be used. 6) Roles – In general, it is expected that a mission team or away team will have the following roles in order to succeed: 1) Space Marine (1-2) 2) Astronaut (1-2) 3) Medic/Science Officer (1) 4) Commander/Psych/Communications (1) 5) Engineer/tech (1) 7) Have fun – it’s about a character you want to play, so choose someone cool. You can be the best of the best among humans, after all, you are all humanity has left…

Section 2 – Roles of Characters in Space Opera— 1) Space Marine (1-2) [Combat Gurus] You will be shooting, stabbing, bombing, and scouting as a primary role. Each will have a secondary speciality that supports the mission, such as fuel cell engineering, geothermal studies, medic, etc… It is also your responsibility to kill the team if infected, including yourselves. Mission first. It’s a Drakked up job. 2) Astronaut (1-2) [Transport and Eyes in the sky] You will be flying, navigating, dogfighting, and protecting the ground crew. Once on the ground, you’re just another couple grunts with wings. You are expected to be capable at fighting and science, the jack of all trades in addition to be star flying glory hounds. 3) Medic/Science Officer (1-2) [Healer] You keep the grunts and team alive with stim packs, regen pumps and long term diagnostics. You also drop in the CRD to keep their brains regenerable if you can get their bodies back to a med lab. You are responsible for identifying signs of NNRTV, in addition to having excellent science skills. 4) Commander/Psych/Communications (1) [Leader] You keep a watch on the team, give orders, and communicate with outside parties. It’s a tough job, because you want your team to trust you, but you can’t trust them. First sign of NNRTV, you pull the plug on the blast packs on your team members. 5) Engineer/tech (1) [Gear Geek] You repair things, your carry the heavy weapons or explosives, you keep the ships of the colony fleet working. You are more valuable than any other team member, although they’d never say it. Your job is keeping the fleet that keeps humanity alive. While deciding on what role you want, an important consideration is which of the 112 ships in the Exodus fleet you wish to be stationed on, intially. Look at the Wiki entry on the Exodus fleet to get an idea of the roles and types of ships in the fleet. Exodus Fleet

Section 3- Character Classes - We will engage in a bidding activity in character creation. Each player will get 3 “bumps” A “bump” allows you to do the following: 1) Move a skill up by one, to a maximum of three 2) gain an additional Stunt 3) Gain one Re-roll per session 4) gain one piece of alien technology of SM’s choice. (Starmaster, rather than gamemaster in Space Opera parlance) 5) Choose one element of Planetary Origin.

The following classes are available: [2] Armsmen [2] Astronaut [1] Scientist: Medical [1] Scientist: Research [1] Scientist: Engineering [1] Tech If two players want to be of the same class, or more than two of the core classes, then there will be an “ante” of bumps. (ie.. it takes one bump to be of that class for all players, then two, then three, etc…) Bumps bid in this way are lost forever.

Section 4- Statistics – These follow the normal Diaspora creation system – We will get into them in more detail in section 8.

Section 5 – From Space Opera Rules Planetary Origin Roll your Planetary Gravity, Atmosphere, Climate. All choices for managed Planetary environments are available, and you can always choose to be from Terra if you do not like your result from character creation. Each of the modifiers for planetary origin will provide a skill bump of 1. For Example, an extremely high grav world would increase player’s stamina by 1.

Finally, roll on your enlistment tables in Space Opera to determine your status prior to the plague. You may once choose to serve fewer tours than those listed for your result. 10 Tours of duty is the absolute maximum.

The fleet is only accepting youthful humans, due to the length of time of the potential trip, and any resistance to NNRTV that may be attributed to such youth.

Section 6 – Equipment and Possessions The fleet allows each person to bring two personal and one job related items on board. Each item will be scanned and a determination on whether it will be allowed will be performed by the psych and security officer. All these items may be up to tech level 8 for one bump, and tech level 9 for three bumps, and five bumps for tech level 10+, they must be human made, unless a bump is used. (Humans are currently at the border of tech level

Section 7 – Character Background and Aspects All other items will be standard issue from the service you are in. Phase One- Childhood

As per Disapora, however one of the two aspects must relate to the planetary origin

Phase Two – Starting Out

As Per Diaspora

Phase Three – Moment of Crisis

As Per Diaspora

Phase Four – In the Service

This phase must deal with joining some element of service or profession

Phase Five – Dealing with the Plague

This phase is associated with the Plague

Players have 7Aspects plus one from Planetary Origin and two from Service

Section 8 – Skills. Each player gets 15 skills, one at five, two at four, three at three, four at two, five at one. In addition, up to 5 points of skills can be added by character creation bumps. Skills without ranking count as -1.

Section 9 – Stress Tracks Create your stress tracks For Stamina, Composure. In addition, create a Sanity/NNRTV track from your choice of Medical, Science or Culture/UFP

Section 10 – Stunts – All stunts are approved by the Space Master, rather than the table.

The following are explicitly allowed: Items – 1 stunt for an item at Tech 8, 2 stunts at Tech 9, etc… Rank – All characters start as NCOs, 1 stunt = Officer, 2 stunts = Commander, 3 = executive officer Astrogation – The skill of taking spin drives and jumping requires this stunt. This stunt may be taken multiple times, allowing a re-roll per session on an Astrogation roll.

The Following Stunts from Spirit of the Century are allowed: Good Arm Flawless parry Tracker Inner Strength Still Standing Unflappable Smooth Recovery Ladies Man/Popular Gal International (only if from Terra) Quick Eye Eye for Detail Scene of the Crime Scary Quickdraw Gun Crazy Demolitions Feel the Burn Big Man Contact Scholar Linguist

In addition, the following stunts will be specifically useful if one person has them during the game: 1) Culture/Contact – GSR 2) Culture/Contact – Azurachi Imperium 3) Culture/Contact – Mekpurrs 4) Scholar – Klee 5) Scholar – Early Space Flight 6) Linguist (Klackon, Blarad, Kzinti, Trade, Mekpurr, Bug, Rannan Horde, Hsst, GPR, Azurachi ) 7) Astrogation

Diapsora Character Creation

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