Exodus Fleet

The UFP sent out three fleets of 118 ships. Of the roughly 25 Billion people in the UFP, the NNRTV and alien actions reduced the population to less than 2.3 Billion assumed unaffected. Of these, 10 million humans were selected for the fleet, and others serve in the fleet actions defending the few remaining systems, working on the medical effort, or just keeping systems intact.

The Exodus Fleet is comprised of Five Ships of the Line:

The Fleet Command Ship – Concordat Battlestarship (Primerus) renamed the “the Exodus” This is one of the finest and most advanced ships in the fleet, a tech level 9+ Battlestarship in excellent condition, and fresh from fighting the Hssst. This ship holds four squardrons of fighters, and has the firepower of a squadron of cruisers. This is the home of the Exodus Fleet Command. Crew – 10,550

The Advance Control and Carrier ships – Battlestars Subik and Neptune. These are tech level 8 ships of the line, heavy in firepower, with two squadrons of fighters each. These are the homes of the Fleet Infantry and Marine Commanders, respectively. Crew – 4,700 each.

Capital Ship – A Concordat Battlecruiser – Hephestus (the Cripple) was hasitly repaired after a losing action to stop the Clacks, while fairly advanced Tech level 9, it’s incomplete crew complement and jury rigged repairs leave it a questionable capital ship in any full action. This is the home of the Union Guards. Crew- 4700

Fleet Cruiser – Mars Series “Ecktelion” (Retrofit) This ship is the comm ship, a Tech level 7 ship with significant communications and astroscanning equipment. It is also the ship used for the Psych corp. Crew – 3000

Fighters are dependant upon the ship, ranging from the powerful Phantom Mark IVs on the Exodus to the older Mark IIs on the Subik and Neptune. Some Banshees and Specters (Mark II and Mark III) are with each squadron.

Smaller Military Vessels accompanying the fleet include the following:

Fleet Destroyers – Styx class “Charon”, Achilles class “Bors” (Destoyer Leader – Converted missle tender), and the Aeneas class “Remus” (Destroyer Leader). these are the workhorses of patrols and outer security. Fully capable of scouting missions, they are the most likely to go on early patrol missions. DL Crew – 450 Styx Crew – 400

Repair Ships – Repair Tender Hecate (Light Cruiser Hull) and 3 Pallas Corvette repair ships. While fully capable of battle, these repair ships have had their cargo and missle bays repaced with repair components and foundries. Their crew sizes are greatly reduced, and their primary armaments have been stripped. They are the home of Tech Command. Crew- 1000, Corvette – 140 each

In addition to these 10 Military vessles, the following ships comprise the core of the fleet:

Bioships – These massive ships, the Royal Scarab (Alcyon frame) and Arboria (Alcyon Modified Frame) contain diverve biological environments that grow food hydroponically for the fleet, thus limiting the amount of food required to be stored in cargo. These ships contain self-sufficient biodiversity modules which will be released after terraforming. These ships are fragile. Crew – 300 each

The Terraforming ships, Prometheus and Kronos are large converted Leviathans, cyndrilical housing contains massive energy and matter converters which will be used to terraform any systems capable of sustainable planetary bodies for life. They are slow, but signifcantly armored ships. Crew – 40 each

The Mining ship “Prospero”, a converted freighter of the Banner hull is a lightly armed merchant ship capable of mining ore or fuel from planetary bodies. Crew – 4

Two Manu-Fab ships, “Diedre” a Voyager Conversion, and “Arachne” an Allisol Conversion, have highly customizable production facilities to produce replacement parts. They are fragile merchant ships. Crew 6 and 12.

Two Starliners provide medical and leave for the fleet. The Oliphant “Hiskos” is a giant recreactional liner, while the Skate “Curie” is a converted Medical Cruiser. Both of these ships are lightly armed and armored, although the Oliphant has redundant systems. Crew of Hiskos – 950 Curie crew – 620

L5 Units the Alliance, Lowell, Brahe – Three of the L-5 Colony ships were equiped with large propulsion units and modified for this journey. These platforms were never intended as starships, and are large, unweildy, untried ships. While they can house considerable equipment and facilities, and have substantial defensive systems, they are essentially barges that must be towed or directed by the fleet. Without solar power, they are also of minimal usefulness, and are intended as the temporary orbital bases for releasing the cryo corp to replace current fleet members, should the journey take more than the lifespan of the currently existing crew. In 21st century terms, they are “campers” or “tents” to be used for a momentary respite while on the journey. Each L-5 has 25,000 cryo berths. Crew – 300 each

Fuel Ships – The fleet is too big, and requires far too much fuel to reach it’s destination on it’s current fuel capacity. 18 Leviathan Haulers (24 pods each) are equipped to collect, distribute and store fuel during the trip. Smaller Voyager and Alcyon Refulers accompany the fuel fleet to provide in transit fuel for longer scouting and advance party missions. These are fragile ships. Crew – 40 each

Cargo Ships – Leviathan, (24 Pods each), 10 ships carry the bulk of extra fleet supplies. While each ship in the fleet has a full cargo hold, the supplies necessary for the trip, and the resulting colonization, are all contained on these 10 super haulers. These are very fragile ships. DQuartermaster, Distribution and Supply Command is in this fleet. Crew – 40 each

Cryogenic Storage Ships – Forty (40) Cryogenic Freezing ships contain 24 pods of 3,000 people each. 2,880,000 people are stored on these ships, each with sealed, self sustaining modules. In addition to the normal complement on each ship, a medical monitoring crew maintans the precious colonists and the mechanisms that keep them alive. These are extremely fragile ships. The Colony Command is on this ship. Crew 112 each

Lastly, Three FTL Scout ships of the Meteor (“Nero”) and Nike class (“Hammurabi”), along with a new “Manta” Class Tech 10 Scout ship are with the fleet. While destroyers and corvettes can perform some scouting missions, these small ships, crewed by 10 people or less, can traverse long distances at significantly faster speeds than the rest of the fleet. In addition, their scanning equipment is very sophisticated and requires specialists. Crew – 10 each.

The fleet as a whole is comprised of 118 ships, 34,472 awake service people, 2,880,000 frozen on Cargoships, 75,000 frozen on L-5s. A total of 2,989,472 humans, bound for a new home

Exodus Fleet

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