Human Governments

United Federation of Planets – After terran reconstruction under the conventanters, the Terran Union began to join the High Republic worlds, slowly expanding and unifying with Lost worlds (planets abandoned) and protecting alien races from the depradations (primarily) of the other human powers).

The Azuriach Imperium – Settled by West Europe and South American Dissidents. An Imperialistic and Xenophobic cluster of planets with a policy of dealing with aliens that is “shoot first and ask questions later.”

The Mercantile League of Planets – formed by trading considerations, the free colonies joined together into free states much like the Hanseatic league. Expansionist but open to aliens. The Mercantile league will do just about anything for new markets.

The Galactic People Republic (GPR or GSSR) was settled by the SovWorld. Imperialistic and industrial, they believe that military dominance will lead to freeing peoples to live under socialistic and communistic ideals.

Human Governments

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