The NNRTV test is a social combat, that has several components.

In role-playing terms, the NNRTV test consists of seven sets of questions, the first of which is:

1) Describe your sadness at recent losses to NNRTV

2) What is the most normal thing you did today?

3) What is the most unusual thing someone else did today?

4) What have you acheived today?

5) What gives your life meaning?

6) What do you think of your commander?

7) Describe your connections with others.

However, Roleplaying these tests out multiple times could become a grind, and at any point, a player may ask to engage in an NNRTV Social Combat.

The combat has four zones, which are:

1) Unnecessary

2) Ally

3) Penalty

4) Test Result

Players start in the Test result zone.

Players may attempt to move from one zone to another as an action.

The following is the play sequence:

1) A contested roll is made between the Tester’s Social skill against the examinee’s Social skill. Each party chooses the skill they use.

For example, the Tester is Doctor Sanity, who has a 4 in Charisma. He wants to examine Paige’s character, “Nero”, who has an intimidation skill of 5. The Star master determines the modifiers (For example – in the medical office, +2 to Sanity, bloody hands for Nero +1). Doctor Sanity rolls a -1 and Nero rolls a two. Nero wins the challenge by 3 (8 to 5).

The winner of the result chooses to move one player to a location. Nero may choose to move to the Ally, Penalty or Unnecessary result. Or, Nero may move Dr. Sanity to the Unnecessary box.

If all players are in the same box at the end of any turn, then the players move to the results phase.

Each location has a results phase:

1) Ally (Players gain +2 on the next test results roll, this is not culmulative)

2) Unnecessary (Players do not take a test, but the testee is -1 on all rolls for future NNRTV tests, this is culmulative, until a test is taken)

3) Penalty (No test is taken, but the character is under scrutiny, losing a rank or being sent to the brig for a week’s observation, tester’s choice)

4) Test Result – A contested roll between the Tester and Testee. The Tester may roll either Medical or Science, defended by the testee by their choice of medical or science. Modifiers are determined by the StarMaster (Infected +5, Insane +4, Minor Nuerosis +3, Unstable +2, Eccentric +1 Sane 1 Reasonable -2 Paragon of Sanity -3).

The results of the roll are compared to the following chart

-1 or less – Resistant (+1 on next NNRTV test rolls)

0 Safe (no action taken)

1 Normal (-1 to next NNRTV test rolls)

2 Watched (-2 to next NNRTV test rolls)

3 Potentially infected (-3 to next NNRTV test rolls)

4 Quarantined (-4 to next test rolls and sent to “jettison pod”)

5 Infected (Immediate attempts to kill character by medical staff and military personnel, cranial explosive transmitter activated).

As an example, Dr. Sanity finally tests Nero. Nero is +2 for being an Ally. Dr. Sanity has a Medicine level of 5 and Nero has a science of 2. Dr. Sanity is +3. In addition, Nero is Unstable, for an additional +2, bringing the total to +5. Nero has an aspect of “Lucky”, which adds two, reducing the difference to +3. Dr. Sanity rolls a +1, Nero rolls a 0. Nero is sent to a jettison pod, a small escape pod without food, guarded by marines. Unless Nero finds a way out, he will be retested at a -4 by Dr. Sanity, and should he fail, the pod will be ejected into a nearby stellar mass.

A second Example, Ron’s character, StraightA Katy enters a test challenge with Dr. Sanity. Dr. Sanity has a 5 in Medicine, but Katy has a 6 in Science, as chief Science officer. Katy is +1. There are no other modifiers. Dr. Sanity rolls a 0, and Katy rolls a 1. This brings her total to -2, which means she is veiwed as resistant, and will get a +1 to all rolls on her next test. No jettison pod for her….

Remember, Aliens are slaughtering humans without checking, Humans killed all psychics, and most with religious leanings, because they are believed to be the most receptive to the disease. People are considered infected until proven otherwise. You have to be very careful what you say and do. It’s a dangerous galaxy out there!

NNRTV could get you.


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