Tech Levels

Most Races are defined by their technology level. There are three classifications -

Main Technology level (1-10):

Social Technology level (1-10) Information Technology level (1-10) Energy Technology level (1-10) Military Technology level (1-10) Starfaring Technology level (1-10)

Each level represents the development of that race, in general, on a specific planet or base.

Current Earth 2005 has the following levels, for comparison-

Social Technology – 6 Information Technology – 8 Energy Technology – 5 Military Technology – 6 Starfaring Technology – 2

At level 10, blasters and novaguns are common.

There are races that have more advanced levels beyond 10, but they have not been encountered by humans. The levels of 11, 12, 13, and above are not even theoretically conjectured. At level 15, the technology is indistinguishable from magic for humans.

Even though Terrans have acheieved level 10 technology, for most citizens, tech level 7 is the common technology, level 8 – 10 are normally trade goods, and while not uncommon, are not prevolent among individuals outside of their primary roles.

Tech Levels

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