Humanity’s last chance…

This is a Space Opera Campaign for 4-7 players set in Sector 1 of the Space Opera Universe, approximately 2300 AD. The game focuses on space travel, exploration, and internal conflict, all while in a universe that is incredibly hostile to humanity… the pariahs of this galaxy.


There is a deadly disease that has striken humans throughout the galaxy. Officially called the NNRTV (Nanite Nuero Reactive Transmitter Virus), referred to as “the Reaper” by those that deal with it. To be honest, scientists haven’t confirmed how it works and are even farther from a cure. It appears to infect a human, who then transmits it to others, through long distances, matter and energy barriers, where it replicates and starts again. The most popular theory is that quarkian templates, akin to viruses, are created within the unique brain structure of humans and propulsed to others.

Initially, it was thought that transmission was limited to carriers within a planetary or stellar system. Several hundred colonies, planets, and ships were obliterated before it was determinted that the NNRTV could transmit beyond stellar system distances. The resulting genocide was thought to be more merciful than the results of the reaper virus, although there were widespread protests to the initial actions.

Once information on the NNRTV spread, Humans were ejected or slaughtered by alien races such as the Klacks, the Hsst, the Meks, and the Hives. As settlements became weaker due to the Reaper, they were unable to withstand the alien onslaught. Better to kill all the humans than lose all sentient races, claimed the Klackons.

Meanwhile, all efforts to find a cure had failed. The disease spread from one world to another, and paranoia rose to such a level that even formerly acceptable behavior was seen as a sign of the reaper and lead to mass executions and rioting.

Yet in the midst of this crisis, Humans were given hope. Towards the galactic “spin” are three isolated systems, effectively separate demi-galaxies at the outer edge of the universe. These systems travel away from our galaxy at an unusually accelerated rate. These three systems offer the greatest chance of humanity to survive, to produce a new home. The systems will be quarantined, dead worlds to the other sentient races, until such time as humans can show that the NNRTV is gone or permanently cured. Each of these worlds was selected by the Klacks, the Hsst and the Meks as agreed points of haven or safety for humans. The UFP call the systems “Survival” “Phoenix” and “Dawn”, each a chance at a new beginning.

The GSSR, Corellians, Imperium, Confederation, the Mercantile League, the UFP and a host of smaller governments have created colonization fleets. Fleets of survivors, those who aren’t infected, those who the governments deem as the best chance for humanity. All converging on the three planets. All looking for a way home. None of them working together or trusting the others. Who knows who is infected? Or how many people these new planets can house? Or how long terraforming will take?

Yet each of these player characters is among the best of the best that the UFP has to offer, given the circumstances. They are to be aboard the UFPS Exodus NovaStar Ship, and it’s 25 colony ships, including over 2 million cryonically frozen survivors, and the associated flora and fauna. Huge Terraforming ships, cargo ships, and escort carriers accompany this ragged, hastily put together fleet, full of military leaders and sleeping civilians.

Survival isn’t a sure thing. It isn’t even likely. But it’s the only hope they have. Survival or nothing.

Last Hope of Humanity... the UFP Exodus fleet

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